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Apple will release in the first qurter of 2012 iPad3 Apple will release in the first qurter of 2012 iPad3(0)

Apple is gearing up on its plan to release iPad 3 within a few months. Already Apple’s latest product iPhone 4S has gained widespread popularity and acceptance in the market and next product is highly anticipated. According to the inside resources iPad3 has entered the stage of production and around million builds of this amazing product would be ready for release within the next few months. The expected release date of iPad3 would be somewhere in February or March of 2012.

 Several improvements are expected in iPad3. Among them, most important are the amazing feature of Retina Display which is already a part of iPhone 4S. Other than that, iPad3 would be running on A6 quad-core processor. Further additions include an improved camera and an enhanced battery life. So far, Apple holds the largest market share when it comes to tablet devices and iPad 2 is the most famous tablet device of all time. So the anticipation for iPad 3 is quite natural. Samsung, on the other hand, is also planning to use the A6 processor in the next tablet. Estimating from the present production phase, iPad 3 would most probably be released in the first quarter of the next year.

Office suites for iPad 3 Office suites for iPad 3(0)

The latest news about the upcoming model of iPad is that Microsoft would be launching its Office suite for iOS. This would be implemented for iPad 3 which would most probably be released during the first or second quarter of 2012. At present, Apple enjoys about 80 percent market share of the tablets and launching Office version for iOS at this point would certainly be a huge advantage for Microsoft. Apple’s collaboration with Microsoft would certainly result in increased popularity of the Apple tablets. Apple has already generated $15 billion dollar in revenues in only 2011 and with this latest move, the revenue income would further accelerate for sure.

 Microsoft would most probably release a special version of Office for Mac OSX Lion too and the software would be available through App Store. Office is so far the most famous product that has ever been launched by Microsoft. This app that would be available through the App Store is expected to support Desktop office formats as well. The app would most probably be included in the productivity suit of iOS which is known as iWork. Like most other apps from iWork, we can expect the price of this app to be $10.

LTE technology for iPad 3 LTE technology for iPad 3(0)

LTE technology is the latest and most coveted technology in the field of mobile devices and it is expected that Apple would be releasing the upcoming devices equipped with this technology. According to the sources, the next model of the Apple tablet, iPad 3, with LTE would be released during the summer of 2012 while iPhone 5 equipped with this technology would be released in the fall of 2012. According to the same source, Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo has already reached an agreement with Apple to distribute these devices on the above schedule in Japan. If this is really so, we can also expect these devices to be available in other parts of the word during the same time.

Previously, it was told that Apple’s demand for large sales volume and refusal to allow the carrier to add its own applications had resulted in a deadlock during negotiations. Now it seems that some sort of agreement has been reached at by the executives. Previously, DoCoMo’s rival, Softbank, had the rights of distributing Apple products in Japan but this contract has ended with iPhone 4S. If the contract between Apple and DoCoMo remains successful, this would be the first time that DoCoMo would be distributing Apple devices in Japanese market.

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