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Nook HD+ would be available starting from November 8 Nook HD+ would be available starting from November 8(0)

The shipping of the latest Nook HD tablet from Barnes & Noble has started. While this device would be available at a price of $199, the company has reduced prices of the previous versions of the tablet. For instance, price of the Nook tablet models from the last year has been reduced to $179 for the 16 GB version and $159 for the 8 GB version. Besides, the price of the entry level Nook Color has also been reduced to just $139.

Although the strategy of Barnes & Noble regarding the old devices is not clear yet, it appears that the company would sell these devices through the holiday season. The company, in past, also had the policy of delivering refurbished versions of some of these devices at these prices.

Nook tablet, having 1 GB of RAM memory, was originally launched back in 2011 and was sold at a price of $249 for the 16 GB version. After that, Amazon launched its seven inch Kindle Fire during the holiday season which was available at $199 for the 8GB model. Eventually another version of the Nook tablet followed with 512 MB of RAM memory, while the internal storage was also reduced to 8 GB, mainly to compete with Amazon Kindle Fire.

Recently, the company started shipping its latest Nook HD, a direct competitor of Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 and the Mini iPad. The device is available in two models of 8 GB (which costs $199) and 16 GB (available for $229). While there are several advantages that Amazon and Google tablets have over the Nook tablet such as more number of apps and more content, the Nook tablet has a clear edge with its highest resolution that is so far available on a 7 inch tablet. Besides, the device is also lighter than Kindle Fire HD and has support for microSD card for memory expansion.

Shipping of the larger tablet form Barnes & Noble, called Nook HD+, would also be started soon. This 9 inch tablet would be available at a price of $269 while the 32 GB model would cost $299. As per the announcement on the official website of the company, Nook HD+ would be available starting from November 8.

Apple is drastically lowering the price of the previous versions of iPad Apple is drastically lowering the price of the previous versions of iPad(0)

Now that the new iPad was released everyone would want to have it particularly when it is quite reasonably priced. But it seems that Apple would make sure that the older versions of iPad keep selling and for this, Apple is drastically lowering the price of the previous versions. During the last Apple event during which the new iPad was announced, it was also announced that Apple would continue the sale of the previous version of iPad on a lower price. Apparently this move was a result of the constantly increasing competition in the market of the mobile devices.
The new iPad is no doubt a worth having gadget in the presence of amazing specs such as Retina display, iSight camera and faster A5X processor. The price of new iPad would start from $499 just like the previous version when it was released last year. But still, if your budget is constrained and you can’t really afford to go for this latest version, you don’t need to worry since the price of the previous version has been drastically lowered. If you go to the special deals sections on Apple’s online store, you would find some amazing offers there. For example, you can purchase a WiFi, 16 GB OG iPad with a nominal price of just $299. But what is even more amazing, with the addition of merely 50 more bucks, you can actually get you hands on a second generation iPad with 16 GB storage. Further, if you happen to be a premium user, there is even more attractive offer for you. For premium users, the store has a special offer of 64 GB Wifi and 3G version of iPad 2 for $679. Good thing is that all these devices are accompanied with a one year warranty. Interestingly, there are rumors that soon another tablet with a jaw-dropping price of just $129 would be made available on the online store, although it has not arrived as yet.
This is certainly a wise and timely move from Apple. Although Apple is still at the top of the tablet market and iPad happens to be the most popular tablet of all time, Android tablets has been giving tough competition to Apple for the last couple of years. Keeping this in consideration, Apple really needed to bring something extra to retain its position in the market, and the above offers are a manifestation of steps in this direction. Further, Apple is also expected to release a mini iPad, which would be a 7 inch device, to compete smaller tablets such as Amazon Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab 7.

HTC One XL is ready to be released HTC One XL is ready to be released(0)

So Mobile World Congress has ended and during the three days of the event, we have seen some pretty exciting products with enchanting technical specs from major tech companies. HTC also introduced some of its high end products, among which HTC One XL was noteworthy. What’s remarkable is that the device is ready to be released and can now be pre-ordered, under contract with AT&T, on Best Buy. However, the international model that was previously advertised was known as HTC One X but the model that is being offered at Best Buy happens to be HTC One XL, which would be different from the international model. The international model would come with a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor while the one that is available for pre-orders right now happens to be powered by dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Most probably the international model with better processor would also be available a few weeks after this version is released. Besides, so far the re-orders are being accepted only in the stores and not online.
At present there is no information on the final price of the device. However, $50 can reserve a device for you online, for later purchase. The official release date would take place in April. The technical specifications of this device are pretty impressive. We would have 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 display along with a resolution of 720 x 1280. Hardware specifications include a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm QSM 8960 processor and 1 GB of RAM memory. At present, the phone would be available with a massive internal memory of 32 GB. We would also have an 8 mega pixel rare end camera with the facilities of 1080 p HD video recording, auto focus and flash. Other than this camera, there would also be another 1.3 mega pixel front end camera for the purpose of self-portraits, video conferencing and chatting.
So HTC has also geared up after the Mobile World Congress and in the next few weeks, we would see a few other impressive smart phones from HTC. With the release of iPad 3 and several Samsung devices, next few weeks would be almost showering some of the very best mobile devices upon the users. And with respect to competition, 2012 would probably be the most active year in the history of mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Note and LG Optimus LTE would soon come to Canada Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Note and LG Optimus LTE would soon come to Canada(0)

This would probably be the most exciting news in months for the Canadian lovers of Android. According to the resources, three of the best Android devices, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Note and LG Optimus LTE would soon come to Canada and not only that, they would be equipped with the coveted LTE technology. This, however, is not the first LTE initiative in Canada and the technology was introduced last year by Rogers and Bell. However, the carrier bringing these devices to Canada, TELUS, would provide LTE in the areas where it was not supported previously. There are a lot of major areas in Canada where LTE support is not available as yet and TELUS intends to cover those areas as well. The company has laid down a well-planned scheme to make this possible over the next few years.


Samsung Galaxy Note would be available at a price of $199 along with a three year contract with the carrier. If, however, you want the device contract free, you would have to pay the extra cash. LG Optimus LTE, on the other hand, would be available at $99.99 with a three year contract. Without contract, you would be able to buy this phone at a price of $629.99.


TELUS has delayed the launch of the LTE services in Canada compared to other major carriers who took the initiative in the fall of 2011, but it would be providing services at places which other two carriers have not covered yet. Besides, the launch of these grand devices would certainly provide extra edge for TELUS. TELUS has announced its future plans regarding the LTE technology and the user base that it would cover. According to the plan, the LTE service of TELUS aims at covering about 25 million Canadian users with average speeds that would be between 12 and 25 Mbps while maximum speeds can reach up to 75 Mbps. This would certainly be a huge step in the mobile technology in Canada and millions of users would be able to benefit from it. Now the Canadian users would also be able to enjoy the latest and the best Android devices along with the LTE technology. Previously, the technology did exist but top Android devices were missing so the fun was not complete. Now however, Canadians would be able to enjoy the mobile experience like the rest of the world.

AT&T is planning to release another group of devices in the first quarter of 2012 AT&T is planning to release another group of devices in the first quarter of 2012(0)

AT&T is one of the biggest mobile networks in the United States and millions of people have been using mobile devices under contract with AT&T. Throughout years, AT&T has released tablets and smart phones across the United States from almost all the major tech giants. The tradition of releasing a platoon of new devices at regular intervals is quite constant with AT&T. According to the inside resource, AT&T is now planning to release another group of high end devices in the first quarter of 2012. So if your contract with AT&T has just expired or is about to expire, you might want to consider waiting for a month or so to get your hands on the latest devices instead of renewing your contract with the old devices. First quarter would see phones from most major tech giants and running several operating systems. To start with, we would have Lumia 900 from Nokia which would come at a price of $99.99 on contract. Besides, AT&T would also release HTC Titan II, a phone which would be running Windows Phone OS. The release date of HTC Titan is set to be 18th of March while the price of this device is $199.99. But of course, there are users who would like to have Android based devices instead of Windows Phone devices. For these users, AT&T would be releasing Sony Xperia Ion and a couple of Samsung devices.

Samsung devices that AT&T would release during this first quarter include Samsung Exhilarate and Samsung Skyrocket HD. These devices would be released by the end of the first quarter. Besides, we would also soon see the AT&T version of the famed Samsung Galaxy Note. The price of Galaxy Note from AT&T would be $299.99 and the device would be released on February 18. Talking about Android tablets, AT&T would release Sony’s Crystal tablet which would be available at $409.99 under contract. The main source of attraction remains to be the Samsung devices particularly the AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy Note. Other than the above mentioned devices, we can also expect the release of Samsung Rugby Smart and AT&T, both of which would also be running Android OS. The price of these devices would be $99.99 and $124.99 and they would be released on February 18. So a lot of exciting and high end devices are on their way from AT&T during the next couple of months.


How to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich your Galaxy S How to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich your Galaxy S(0)

The latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, has been released only on Galaxy Nexus. This version of Android is certainly the very best version released so far and Android users have been craving to use it on their devices. But the problem that the owners of previous models of Android devices are facing is that the ICS update would not be available for the previous devices before 2012. However, this is what would happen officially and unofficially, you can use MIUI version that has been built upon the ICS framework. To activate this version on your device, you would have to follow a few simple steps. First of all, download Gingerbread XXJVS firmware which would be in the form of a zip file. Extract this zip file in any desired folder and then download Odin3 flash tool which would be extracted in the same folder. Execute the Odin3 v1.7.exe file present in the later download. After that, reboot your device while pressing the volume down + ok buttons. Then connect your device to your computer and open the PDA tab from the Odin3 window and select CODE_I9000XXJVS_CL565837_REV03_user_low_ship.tar  from your folder. After that, select GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJVS.tar from the CSC tab from the same folder. The flashing process would start once you click the start button in Odin3. After that you would have to restart your device in the recovery mode.

 In case you had previously rooted your device, it would be unrooted before this update. To root it again, just download the rooting file and just keep it in the zip format. From the Odin3 flash tool, click the PDA tab and select There isn’t any need to bother about the rest of the tabs. Start the flashing process and once it is complete, the phone would be rebooted automatically. Then you would need to download the MIUI ICS ROM for your device and copy it to the SD card of the phone. There would be a CWM Manager app which you would open and choose the option to reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery. In that mode, you would have to wipe the cache, data as well as partition. Finally, install the MIUI ICS file from your SD card that you had previously saved. Once the process completes, just reboot your device again and that’s it, you would be ready to enjoy the ICS update.

Zite has recently launched app for iPhone Zite has recently launched app for iPhone(0)

Noteworthy personalized e-magazine Zite has recently launched its app for iPhone users which is quite similar to the app that was previously launched by Flip Board for iPads. With this step, the competition on this front has also considerably enhanced and we would have to wait for a while to see who actually beats the other competitors. With the shift of the app from iPad to iPhone, the usage would certainly increase since the chances of such an app being used on a phone is greater than being used on a tablet. The app which has been released for iPhone contains almost all the noteworthy features that it contained for the iPad version. The user interface and look has been optimized for the iPhone and is quite impressive. There aren’t any loading, scrolling or browsing problems with the app but when compared to the FlipBoard app, this app needs some improvements in design. Zite has also been planning to release more apps for all the major mobile devices in the market in near future. Zite has been famous for developing highly personalized apps and this app is also remarkable on this front. The company was acquired by CNN a few months ago.

Apple might release iPad3 on February Apple might release iPad3 on February(0)

There is  lot of anticipation and hype about the next grand product from Apple, iPad 3. Accoridng to Citi analyst Richard Gardner, Apple might release iPad 3 as soon as next February which means only after a couple of months. Some of the exciting features that we would be able to see on this new model of iPad would be the famous Retine Display which was made part of iPhone 4, an enhanced processor and probably Siri as well. The inclusion of Siri, however, is not confirmed as yet. Retine Display would be the maximum pixel density that could be attained on a tablet device. Accoridng to tech experts, Retina Display would certainly be a huge step forward in the area of pixel density and would be a feature worth trying. At present, the pixel density of iPhone 4S happens to be 326 pixels per inch. Although attaining this pixel density in itself is not a major problem, the development of devices on massive scale with this feature would certainly be a huge task. Previously, the release of iPad 3 was expected some time in April of 2012 but now it appears that Apple would be ready to release this coveted device earlier than expected. With iPad 3 and iPhone 5, the first quarter of 2012 would certainly be grand for Apple enthusiasts.


Micro SD card slot for Motorola Xoom Micro SD card slot for Motorola Xoom(0)

Finally after long wait and much anticipation, Android 3.2 update for Motorola Xoom has arrived. This update was expected since mid July but took a few weeks to finally get realized. With this update, several noteworthy features would be added to the tablet. Most important of these features is the support for micro SD card, which was missing in the previous models.

 Deficiency of a micro SD card slot was a huge negative point against Motorola Xoom since most of the rivals contained this feature. Now after Motorola has also updated its device with this facility, the tablet would certainly improve its position in the market. Users would now be able to insert the micro SD card in the slot which is available at the top of the device which can then be manipulated in the Storage breakdown in the settings. Good thing is that you don’t need to go through the mounting process to enjoy the external memory support. This is a simple plug and play option so no technical knowledge is required. Memory access and content transfer can be performed simultaneously.

 The content would be organized according to the respective applications such as videos, images and music. Direct navigation and manipulation of the external memory would be possible with the help of standard file manager application such as Astro. This is quit similar to the content management on your mobile phone.

 This is certainly a great addition to Motorola Xoom, a device which has already been receiving quite positive reviews from the customers throughout the world. The only problem existed in storage limitation and that has now been removed. Most probably this would not alter the existing applications and hardware features of the device.

 Another minor update can be viewed as well, by which the apps can get a zoom feature. By the utilization of this feature, those apps which have been specifically designed for small screen can be zoomed and used on bigger screen. Although the zooming of applications would inevitably result in the lowering of overall resolution, but the effect is not much bad and remains within reasonable limits. Besides, zooming of certain social networking applications is a must. For the rest of the applications, users can prefer to use them in small screen mode.

 So the bottom line is that the incorporation of these new features in Motorola Xoom would certainly increase the worth and demand of the device.

iPad3  the most anticipated device iPad3 the most anticipated device(0)

Among the tablet devices, iPad3 happens to be the most highly anticipated device but it won’t be released before February or March of 2012. Among the most noteworthy features of this amazing piece of technology, the 10-inch-class screen is worth mentioning. This would no doubt be a highly innovative addition, but according to most of the experts, it won’t be an easy task to actually implement this functionality.

Retina Display feature, which has already appeared on iPhone4, would be made part of  iPad3. Besides, the display of the device would also be considerably improved. The pixel density is something that is expected to be enormously improved in the upcoming version. According to a source, the pixel density of this device might be as high as 2,048×1,536 which is certainly enormous. This means a PPI of 264 which is twice as compared to that on iPad2. An alternate option of pixel density is also 1,600×1,200 which is still quite high. If this is actually implemented, Apple’s device would be far ahead of the competitors, although at present the tablet device with highest pixel density happens to be the 7 inch version of Samsung Galaxy Tab. Let’s wait and see what Apple actually succeeds in implementing.

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