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Pros and cons for buying the new iPad Pros and cons for buying the new iPad(0)

The new iPad from Apple has been here for some days now and it has been making a lot of headlines. While it isn’t exactly an all new product from Apple, it does come with upped specs, especially with that Retina display that has wooed many. While Apple has already shipped three million new iPad tablets within three days of launch, it’s time to see why you should or should not buy this tablet.

Why you should buy it?

The most significant feature and the first thing that you will notice the moment you lay your hands on the new iPad is its ultra-high, ultra-clear Retina display. With an A5X processor which supplements the tablet with quad-core graphics, you are able to get a very vivid tablet experience. Talk about having a true feel of gaming, surfing the web or watching movies.

Also, the new iPad comes with iOS 5.1 which is incredibly refined and sleek. To put it in a few words, there are no glitches or breaks with this nifty piece of software. Also, Apple has been able to keep the battery life of the tablet constant even when all that power goes into juicing up the 2048 x 1536 display. That’s a real achievement although there have been indications that the new iPad gets more warm than iPad 2 when it is working. Finally, for those who have wanted an Apple tablet with high-speed 4G connection, the new iPad is their dreams come true.

Why you should not buy it?

One of the major down-sides of the new iPad is that although it furnishes the same battery time as iPad 2, it takes much, much longer to recharge. Also, as mentioned earlier, the new iPad warms up a lot more than iPad 2 and you may have to put it down at times, which is further exacerbated by the fact that it weighs more than iPad 2 and is thicker (essentially a departure from Steve Jobs’ philosophy of getting things only thinner). Moreover, whereas the new iPad does have a 5-megapixel camera which is really good, the front-facing camera still remains VGA. So if you were planning a FaceTime chat on the new iPad, that’s still going to be a poor experience.

While you may be all prepped up to spend a solid $500 on this tablet, you may feel a little disappointed because essentially, the only thing that significantly stands the new iPad apart from iPad 2 is its Retina display – and that distinction blurs when you realize that iPad 2’s price is hovering near $350 since the launch of the new iPad.

Which would be the most popular tablet : iPad 2 or the new iPad? Which would be the most popular tablet : iPad 2 or the new iPad?(0)

So Apple has finally released the latest version of iPad with the name of iPad new, containing several cutting edge features as well as a few surprises for everyone. There shouldn’t be any two opinions in the fact that the new iPad would be a highly popular device but we would have to see how long it would take for the new iPad to beat the previous version and claim the top position in the market. In comparison with the first generation version of iPad, the new iPad has clear advantages. Other than the immensely improved technical specs, there are various apps and software enhancements that would not be available on the first generation iPad. However, when it comes to comparison with iPad 2, the situation dramatically changes.
iPad 2, at present, happens to be the most popular version of iPad and is being used by millions of users worldwide. Even the onslaught of Android devices could not disturb the popularity of iPad 2. During the event of the new iPad announcement, Apple also announced that the sale of iPad 2 would be continued which means that the software enhancements that we would see on iPad 3 would most probably be also available iPad 2. This further means that the new iPad would only have a few technical specs that would provide it an edge over the previous version of iPad. According to various tech experts, it might take as long as eight months for the new iPad to surpass iPad 2 as the most popular tablet of all time. When iPad 2 was released, it claimed about 50 percent of the iOS tablet impression in a limited period of six months. This would be a difficult target for the new iPad 2 since the price of iPad 2 has been drastically reduced by Apple which has made it even more attractive for the users, particularly those with constrained budget limit. Besides, the use of the first generation iPad would also continue, even though Apple would terminate the sales of that device. Apple dropped the price of iPad 3 from $499 to $399 and this is certainly quite a huge difference. This would compel many users to ignore some of the cutting features of the new iPad and instead go for iPad 2. But Apple had to make this move, keeping in consideration the Android tablets, some of which present a perfect alternative to the Apple Tablet, such as Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire.

Apple announced during the San Francisco event the release of new iPad Apple announced during the San Francisco event the release of new iPad(0)

Three main announcements that Apple made during the San Francisco event of Wednesday were the release of new iPad, which was of course the most important one, the release of updated version of Apple TV and a new version of iOS. This version of iPad would have no number or letter with it and would only be called iPad, which might seem a bit odd since we already have iPad 2 but then again, technical specs are more important than name itself and on this front this new device is pretty sound. The prefix “new” has been added just to distinguish this device from the previous versions since Apple would not terminate the sale of the previous versions, according to the official announcement. In an impressive move, Apple has also drastically reduced the price of the previous version of iPad, bringing it down to $399 from $499. So if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase the latest model of the device, you can buy iPad 2 at a much lower price. Since the inception of the concept of tablet computers, Apple has been doing extremely well and according to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, the company has sold more number of iPads than the computers sold by any other manufacturer in the world. This, on one hand, depicts the popularity of tablet computers and, on the other, shows the fame of iPads. In a sense, this is a post-PC revolution that has given an entirely new meaning to portable computing.
There were a lot of rumors and wild expectations from this version of iPad and to be perfectly honest, many of them have remained entirely unfulfilled. But still, we would see some very interesting hardware and software features on this model of the device. The expectations that were not fulfilled include the voice operated digital assistant known as Siri, changes in the physical structure of the device, support for NFC technology, and capability of wireless charging. But we do have high resolution displays and more importantly, support for the LTE technology. The new display, having more than 3.1 million pixels, would particularly be a delight to use, both during normal browsing and video watching. We have a faster processor and we also have improved cellular networking capabilities in this device. Overall, Apple has delivered a device which, although not perfect, deserves a lot of appreciation.

iPad 3 has a faster wireless connection and support for LTE techonology iPad 3 has a faster wireless connection and support for LTE techonology(0)

Although there aren’t grand changes in the structure and design of the latest version of Apple’s iPad, we do see some enhancements in the functionality. For example the resolution of the display has been considerably improved and the wireless connection is also faster. So there aren’t any grand changes, but then again, Apple does not really need to undertake drastic changes to attract new customers and the brand name itself has proven to be quite sufficient over the years.
In the iPad announcement event, Apple said that the sale of the new iPad would start from March 16th and you can buy iPad 3  at prices starting with $499.  The price is same compared to the previous versions of iPad. Another noteworthy announcement that Apple made was decrease in the price of the previous model of iPad, which was brought down to $399 from $499. This move shows that Apple intends to retain its market dominance in face of increasing competition. Finally, Apple also displayed a new version of Apple TV which would stream high definition videos in 1080p format.
Interestingly, there is not any number or letter with the name of the new version of iPad and it is simply known as iPad. The name of the device was particularly source of lot of rumors but none of them proved to be accurate. iPad happens to be the main source of revenue generation for Apple and according to the present CEO of the company Tim Cook, during the last quarter Apple sold iPads more than the personal computers developed by any other manufacturer. Today, there is no doubt in the accuracy of the opinion that Apple has totally transformed the concept of portable computing.
From the physical structure, there is hard to differentiate this version of iPad from the previous versions, even though it is slightly heavier and thicker than the last one. Besides, the display of this iPad is remarkable, having more than 3.1 million pixels which are four times more than iPad 2. Good news is that this iPad does have support for LTE technology which was a source of lot of speculation. A little disappointment would be the absence of Siri, the voice operated digital assistant found on iPhone 4S. Overall, the functionality and features of iPad seem to be quite impressive and the price is also reasonable so it seems that the fame of Apple tablet would be retained.

HTC introduced several new smart phones that include One X, One XL, One S and One V HTC introduced several new smart phones that include One X, One XL, One S and One V(0)

HTC wasn’t making the news for the last few months but now it seems that the tech giant is back with a bang. During the Mobile World Congress, HTC introduced several new smart phones that include One X, One XL, One S and One V. One X is the accumulation of the HTC smart phone technology so far and showcases the very best features that you would be able to find on any HTC phone as yet. Running on a power 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, this device would come with 1 GHz RAM memory and 32 GB of internal memory. We would have a powerful 8 mega pixels rare end camera along with another 1.3 mega pixels front end camera. Needless to say, we would be able to experience Android ICS along with HTC Sense 4.0 on this remarkable phone. A little draw back might be that the device does not support microSD card but this is compensated with the fact that you would get 25 GB of free DropBox memory for two years from HTC on this device.

 HTC One XL is a slightly different phone from One X in that it comes with a dual-core processor and also has support for LTE. Talking about HTC One, this is the thinnest phone that HTC has ever manufactured, having a thickness of just 7.6 mm. Running on a powerful 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, this mobile has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display and once again, a powerful 8 mega pixels back end camera.

 After these high end devices, we have HTC V which can be considered an entry level device. Important technical specs of this phone include a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 512 MB of RAM memory and 5 mega pixels rare end camera. Although we would be able to experience ICS on this phone as well, it would have Sense 3.6 interface instead of the latest 4.0 version. Having a limited internal memory of 4 GB, you would have the facility of 25 GB free storage at DropBox for two years. We would have a powerful 1500mAh battery for this phone, which would have support for GSM and WCDMA. So for users with constrained budget, this seems to be a perfect choice.

 Exact release dates and prices of these devices have not yet been disclosed by HTC, but we would most probably be able to get these devices during March and April.

Apple is considering production of 8 inch versions of iPad Apple is considering production of 8 inch versions of iPad(0)

Apple’s iPad remains to be the most popular tablet device of all time with no other tablet posing serious threat to it. However, when we consider tablets with smaller size, Amazon Kindle Fire has proven to be immensely successful. Previously, not everyone was considering 7 inch tablets a viable area of production, but Kindle Fire has changed the entire perception. As for Apple, Steve Jobs had a clear position on this matter and he ruled out any possibility of manufacturing a 7 inch version of iPad. Now, however, it seems that things have changed at Apple as well as the company is considering manufacturing a smaller version of iPad, mainly to compete with Kindle Fire.

According to the resources related with this news, Apple is considering production of 8 inch versions of iPad, which might be called iPad mini. Production of these devices has not kicked off as yet but might be started any time in near future. The production, if it really happens, would most probably be started after the release of iPad 3 since at present, Apple would be devoting the full concentration to iPad 3 release which would take place in a few weeks. The resources revealing the news of the possibility of producing 8 inch tablet have not come with detailed technical specifications of this device. However, it was told that this 8 inch version of iPad would showcase a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Other technical specs would most probably be less than the standard version of iPad since  Apple wants to compete with Kindle Fire market, the price of this new device would have to be considerably lower than the standard version of iPad. According to the resources, although mass production of these devices has not started as yet, the test panels are being produced by AU Optronics and LG Display. What’s more, this mini version is expected to have support for LTE networks. However, all this is just speculation and there is no official announcement form Apple to take any such initiative. It might turn out to be just another hoax and to know about the actual truth, we would have to wait for a few months. But if this actually turns out to be true, we would be having two versions of iPad this year, another new precedence form Apple.

Top must have gadgets for website developers Top must have gadgets for website developers(0)


If anyone should almost necessarily have a tablet in possession, it is the web developers. With the ease of mobility and other facilities, a tablet seems to be just perfect for a web developer. Not surprisingly, these tablets are already quite famous among the web developers, whether they work for some company or simply indulge in freelancing. Strictly determining which tablets are perfect for the web developers would be difficult, but here are some suggestions about the ideal tablets for web developers.

 When we talk of tablets, whether from the perspective of a common man or a web developer, iPad is at the top. With the release date of iPad 3 just around the corner, we can safely consider it to be at the top of the list of must have gadgets for web developers. Apple would most probably release this tablet somewhere in the mid of March so we don’t have many days to wait. With the amazing app store of Apple and cutting edge features of iPad such as Siri, Retina Display and A6 processor, a web developer can have everything he can ask for. For many tech giants, it is customary to release the mobile products in UK market before coming to the US market. So London is one of the centers of all the hustle and bustle one sees in this arena. London web developers are no exception when it comes to tablet trends and iPad is the most famous tablet among them as well. Other than iPad 3, web developers should also keep their fingers crossed for the upcoming version of BlackBerry PlayBook. Although RIM has been going through unstable situation for the last few months, PlayBook still offers a web developer everything that is needed. With an established platform, well stocked app store and easy to use interface, this is certainly a must have gadget for any web developer.

 Then comes the tablet that happens to be the most popular Android based tablet at present, that is, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Android itself offers a wide range of possibilities for web developers and the combination of Android with Samsung tablet can be ideal from the perspective of web developers. Web developers, particularly the freelance developers, have increasing been preferring the Android tablets and Galaxy Tab is among the favorites. Finally, talking about the 7 inch tablets, Amazon Kindle Tablet can be perfectly suitable with respect to specs as well as price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Note and LG Optimus LTE would soon come to Canada Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Note and LG Optimus LTE would soon come to Canada(0)

This would probably be the most exciting news in months for the Canadian lovers of Android. According to the resources, three of the best Android devices, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Note and LG Optimus LTE would soon come to Canada and not only that, they would be equipped with the coveted LTE technology. This, however, is not the first LTE initiative in Canada and the technology was introduced last year by Rogers and Bell. However, the carrier bringing these devices to Canada, TELUS, would provide LTE in the areas where it was not supported previously. There are a lot of major areas in Canada where LTE support is not available as yet and TELUS intends to cover those areas as well. The company has laid down a well-planned scheme to make this possible over the next few years.


Samsung Galaxy Note would be available at a price of $199 along with a three year contract with the carrier. If, however, you want the device contract free, you would have to pay the extra cash. LG Optimus LTE, on the other hand, would be available at $99.99 with a three year contract. Without contract, you would be able to buy this phone at a price of $629.99.


TELUS has delayed the launch of the LTE services in Canada compared to other major carriers who took the initiative in the fall of 2011, but it would be providing services at places which other two carriers have not covered yet. Besides, the launch of these grand devices would certainly provide extra edge for TELUS. TELUS has announced its future plans regarding the LTE technology and the user base that it would cover. According to the plan, the LTE service of TELUS aims at covering about 25 million Canadian users with average speeds that would be between 12 and 25 Mbps while maximum speeds can reach up to 75 Mbps. This would certainly be a huge step in the mobile technology in Canada and millions of users would be able to benefit from it. Now the Canadian users would also be able to enjoy the latest and the best Android devices along with the LTE technology. Previously, the technology did exist but top Android devices were missing so the fun was not complete. Now however, Canadians would be able to enjoy the mobile experience like the rest of the world.

HP TouchPad on sale at low prices HP TouchPad on sale at low prices(0)

The troubles for HP TouchPad started ever since the introduction of this device in the market and HP could never really put the tablet on the success track. Even the reduction in the price of the tablet more than once could not result in significant progress. HP TouchPad was originally introduced in February 2011 and against all the expectations, could never really attract the audience on a wide scale. The size of this device was same as iPad but there was a critical change in the software since HP preferred to use Palm’s WebOS, opting out the option of Android. After the reduction of the price a couple of times, present price of HP TouchPad happens to be around $270-$300. But now that several new high end devices with even lower prices have been introduced during the recent CES, HP would have to further adjust the price factor. For example, Asus released its quad-core Asus Memo 370T Tablet PC at a price of just $249 during the last CES.


After the initial release and limited success of the tablet, a later version of the tablet was released under contract with AT&T. This tablet comes with the 4G technology while the remaining specs are more or less the same. But since the market was already saturated with several other high end and established Android and Windows based tablets, the success for this version was also very limited. Eventually, HP decided not to manufacture any more of these devices and at present, you can purchase TouchPad from the retail stores but the manufacture of the device by the company has been stopped. HP  TouchPad can still be quite expensive. For example, the price of 32 GB WiFi version of HP TouchPad having a screen size of 9.7 inches, capacitive LCD display, and other usual specifications is $499.99. Although from the standards of HP TouchPad, this might seem quite expensive, but this price is still quite affordable compared to several other high end devices available in the market. What’s more, you can purchase this device from Amazon for only $298. There are some other places that are selling HP  TouchPad at even lower price so if someone does not need the best specs and can live with a reasonably nice tablet with a very reasonable price; he or she can certainly opt for HP TouchPad which showcases quite decent technical specs as well.

AT&T is planning to release another group of devices in the first quarter of 2012 AT&T is planning to release another group of devices in the first quarter of 2012(0)

AT&T is one of the biggest mobile networks in the United States and millions of people have been using mobile devices under contract with AT&T. Throughout years, AT&T has released tablets and smart phones across the United States from almost all the major tech giants. The tradition of releasing a platoon of new devices at regular intervals is quite constant with AT&T. According to the inside resource, AT&T is now planning to release another group of high end devices in the first quarter of 2012. So if your contract with AT&T has just expired or is about to expire, you might want to consider waiting for a month or so to get your hands on the latest devices instead of renewing your contract with the old devices. First quarter would see phones from most major tech giants and running several operating systems. To start with, we would have Lumia 900 from Nokia which would come at a price of $99.99 on contract. Besides, AT&T would also release HTC Titan II, a phone which would be running Windows Phone OS. The release date of HTC Titan is set to be 18th of March while the price of this device is $199.99. But of course, there are users who would like to have Android based devices instead of Windows Phone devices. For these users, AT&T would be releasing Sony Xperia Ion and a couple of Samsung devices.

Samsung devices that AT&T would release during this first quarter include Samsung Exhilarate and Samsung Skyrocket HD. These devices would be released by the end of the first quarter. Besides, we would also soon see the AT&T version of the famed Samsung Galaxy Note. The price of Galaxy Note from AT&T would be $299.99 and the device would be released on February 18. Talking about Android tablets, AT&T would release Sony’s Crystal tablet which would be available at $409.99 under contract. The main source of attraction remains to be the Samsung devices particularly the AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy Note. Other than the above mentioned devices, we can also expect the release of Samsung Rugby Smart and AT&T, both of which would also be running Android OS. The price of these devices would be $99.99 and $124.99 and they would be released on February 18. So a lot of exciting and high end devices are on their way from AT&T during the next couple of months.


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