Toshiba’s First Tablet Ever

After some naming confusion, Toshiba has finally launched its very first Tablet PC in the name of Toshiba Thrive. Toshiba Tablet Thrive will hit the market soon this year 2011, but though its representation is yet to be unveiled.

Toshiba Thrive Tablet specifications can be compared to that of Motorola Xoom. Like the latter Tablet PCs, Toshiba Thrive is also running an Android Honeycomb 3.0 which means that any downloadable applications for Motorola Xoom can also be downloaded in this Toshiba Tablet.

Aside from that, Toshiba Thrive is built with a 10 inch screen allowing users breadth experience as of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, which is quoted to be the world’s most advanced mobile processor having a 2x faster Web browsing capability, 1GB of RAM, WiFi connectivity, and 2MP / 5MP front and back cameras. Pretty impressive, right?

While Toshiba’s first Tablet is yet soon too come, the Toshiba Thrive price is alleged to be cheaper than the other existing Tablets. For instance, the 16GB Wi-Fi model iPad 2 is currently available at $499 and the Motorola Xoom is listed at $599, the Toshiba Tablet price 8GB version is only $449 and $579 for a strapping 32GB version. It is important to note that the Tablet does not have its 16GB version yet.

For Tablet patrons who have already filled a bucket list of devices, people who buy Toshiba Thrive must not be confused. There was definitely no revealed picture of Toshiba Thrive Tablet yet. Hence, it is also important to note that when pre-ordering, the only things that can be ascertained are the technical specifications. First, it allows user access to Bluetooth and is HDMI operated for transferring uncompressed digital data. Second, it has slot for SD, USB, and mini-USB unlike the iPad. Finally, it contains a replaceable rubberized backing that makes it stand from any other Android Tablets.

While the Toshiba Thrive price is rumored to be unworthy and simply cheap because it is the very first Toshiba Tablet, the Tablet is unique on its own ways. Anyone can realize how each technical specification and usability is different and beneficial from others. For instance, Toshiba Thrive might not have an AppStore as for iPad but it has HDMI which the latter do not. In this sense, it is not bad if Toshiba Thrive is already down on the list of Tablets to buy.

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#1JullianJune 2, 2011, 7:47 am

Too expensive. I was expecting something in the rage of 400

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