CES 2011 – The year of tablets

As expected the Consumer Electronic Show in las Vegas this January was all about tablets. Rival devices to Apple Ipad will come throughout 2011 and the market looks good.

A good position in this race have the devices running Honeycomb, third version of Google operating system dedicated to PC’s rather to smartphones.

Motorola Xoom was presented in CES and was launched on 17th of February. Running on Android 3.0 it has proven for the first time that tablets seen until now as smartphones run better with a specially suited OS for their screen size.

Toshiba, Samsung and Asus are only a few from the other manufacturers that have presented tablets using this operating system. Samsung unveiled also a devise expected in the next months which has a convertible form thank to a sliding screen which reveals a keyboard transforming it into a notebook. Samsung Slider 7 runs on Windows 7, another rival for iOS.

Other vendors came with different ideas for OS. HP has webOS software purchased from Palm which we will see on other devices in the near future for sure, BlackBerry 4G Playbook uses QNX technology and demonstrates a very high speed rendering content and comes with a 7-inch screen.

Apple didn’t have an official presence in CES but an accessory provider displayed Mockups for iPad 2. Of course until 2nd of March when second tablet from Apple is released we cannot be sure if it comes indeed with 120GB as it stays written on the back of these Mockups. It could be very similar with the first, it has 9.4mm width and pretty much the same shape.

With all this competition for iPad one thing is sure:  we expect the prices to drop and to see a very changed world of tablets in 2011.


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